Be Awesome

Amplified Business Content values ambitious, driven and creative people. Basically, people who are awesome.

Our teams work on exciting projects that take them across the country (and outside it!). They are ambitious, dynamic and thrive in a fast-paced environment where their creative ideas really matter, and can grow their awesomeness.

We work hard but love what we do, and have fun plenty of fun along the way!

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We’re not afraid to give a lot of responsibility to young team members when we see potential. Check out some of the team’s journey:


Jon is one of our longest serving team members, having joined in May 2013 on a temporary contract (starting even before he’d graduated!).

Jon really impressed during those first six months and had an appetite for progression. As a result, he was soon managing the content for Fresh Business Thinking, one of our flagship publications. This saw Jon interviewing some of the UK’s brightest entrepreneurs, covering breaking news stories and helping to develop the publications social media presence. Fast forward almost five years and he is a senior member of the team, having worked on almost every event and project we’ve done in his time here, leading several of his own.



Adam actually joined us as Jon’s assistant in July 2014, but his performance and range of skills saw him take on his own projects within just a few weeks.

Having assisted in the production of the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards in 2015 and 2016, Adam expressed a desire to take more control of the project and has been in the driving seat taking the programme through an exciting year of national expansion.

Adam is a master of spinning lots of plates and thrives in the world of live events. He successfully ran events last year in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester and London, and now manages a team who regularly work with some of the UK’s top entrepreneurs.


Chloe was among our first cohort of apprentices when she joined in August 2016. Having impressed during her first few months, Chloe was brought onto the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards team, becoming a pivotal part of its organisation.

Chloe’s performance during the 15-month apprenticeship, not only resulted in a permanent position with Amplified Business Content, but also saw her chosen as the face of a Welsh Government campaign to boost apprenticeships across the country.


What to expect at Amplified Business Content


Variety – Every day is different. Our projects are so expansive and diverse that we’re rarely doing the same thing one day to the next!

Dive in – We don’t want new team members gently dipping their toes into life at Amplified Business Content. We believe in giving people responsibility and ownership of projects so they can really show how awesome they are.

Travel – We run our events in Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, London and beyond the sunny shores of the UK throughout the year. That means seeing plenty of the country and plenty of road trips.

Great location  We’ve got offices in ideally placed in heart of Cardiff and London. One has a rooftop garden with a snazzy view of the Principality Stadium, the other sits in an old bank vault, complete with hammocks!

Happy birthday! – Don’t like working on your birthday? We’ve got you covered. No need to book it off. Enjoy your day and we’ll see you soon.

Charity – Whether it’s an evening playing dodgeball on trampolines, or running a 10km race, we love coming together as a team to raise money for charity. One of those was a lot easier than the other!

Office Bake-Off – We don’t claim to be the best bakers in the world, but there hasn’t been a single soggy bottom yet!

Food – Whether it’s bringing in sweet treats for the team, or deciding where to go for lunch, food often takes centre stage in the office. Just be prepared to feel super hungry when someone asks everyone what they’ve got for lunch at 11am!

Ping pong – Ping pong is great! It’s a game fast game of skill and precision, and you get to hit balls at your co-workers really hard.

Gifs – If you have the ability to hold entire conversations through the wonderful medium of gifs, this is the workplace for you. Whether it’s on Twitter, WhatsApp, or internal messaging systems, we love a good gif!